Reiki Hands on Healing


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A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Donna Hend: Trusted Remedial and Sports Therapist

Reiki Hands on Healing in Mudgee, New South Wales helps individuals manage sports injuries using clinical somatic movements, hot stones, and more for pain management. Although I am a remedial soft tissue sports therapist, I still like to work with a holistic view. I believe that everything is connected through the fascia interweaving the body.

My clients vary from sports enthusiasts to people who perform routine work that predominantly cause muscle strain and limited range of movement.


I started my massage business some time ago because I have always cared about making people feel good and pain-free. The most important thing for me is how people feel after a session.

Mission Statement

My goal is to focus on you as a person, holding you in a healing space where you can heal yourself.

As a remedial therapist/sports therapist, I have other modalities like Kahuna, hot stones, cupping, reflexology, and access bars to bring balance and enhance healing. I am also an energy healer and Reiki master.


  • Massage and Myotherapy
  • Reiki Australia
  • First Aid